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curriculum, textbooks and educational writingCurriculum editing, educational product marketing copy and emerging education blog writing
  • Make your curriculum sizzle with a fresh, clear and concise voice. ~Publish-ready editing for K-12 curriculum
  • Capture attention and make your product understood with snappy, effective copy. ~Web content and market-driven sales literature for educational products and services.
  • Tell the world what you think. ~Ghost blogging service will help you deliver your thoughts cohesively and with persuasion.

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Samples of educational writing projects

GreatSchools Falling Short


 | November 11, 2012 | Falling Short of Failing | Redding School of the Arts


 | September 25, 2012 | Where Arts & Earth Collide: Rethinking School Structures

Why Educational Marketing Copy?

Educational writing is a passion born of experience. Three kids with three distinct educational needs–some met and some not–forced me to research an array educational alternatives. Flipped classroom materials, game-based and blended learning curricula and emerging education concepts give me hope our next generation will experience rich and contextualized learning that mirrors reality.

Coupled with my marketing background, I am the perfect choice to provide empathetic, fresh, understandable copy that reaches your audience–whether teachers, students or parents.

More Educational Writing Projects:

Donor packet, Foundation and Fundraising Copywriting | The Foundation for Promoting Arts Education needed strong, persuasive and orderly writing to attract donor investments for their $12 million LEED certified Children’s Theater project in Redding, CA. Bizziwriter reworked the 14-page hard copy version. Note: The FPAE is still accepting donations if you are so inclined.

USA Today College | September 24, 2012 | CSI for the squeamish: 5 forensic careers that don’t involve blood.

NextStepU | Sept/Oct 2012 | Thinking about military college? 8 Tips to increase your chances for acceptance.

Attention Magnet: Popular high school substitute teacher makes science fun | Redding Record Searchlight, April 24, 2012

Learning by Choice *- W | September 2010 | Homeschool, public or charter school? With so many choices, how does a family choose? This piece looks at benefits to each.




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