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AllBusiness.com | Teaching Entrepreneurship |February 22, 2013

Forensics USA Today







USA Today College | September 24, 2012 | CSI for the squeamish: 5 forensic careers that don’t involve blood.

Thinking about Military college | Next Step U


NextStepU | Sept/Oct 2012 | Thinking about military college? 8 Tips to increase your chances for acceptance.

Clubhouse magazine | Shayna Powless

Clubhouse magazine | July 2012 Cover Story | Not About the Gold

Gettingsmart.org | Redding School of the Arts

GettingSmart.org | September 25, 2012 | Where Arts & Earth Collide: Rethinking School Structures

Freeplay magazine cover Nov:Dec 2012

Freeplay Magazine | Oct\Nov 2012 | What Women Want: Getting Women to Ride

Girl | Bike | Love logo

Girl. Bike. Love. | Contributor

Things your bike shop guy probably didn’t tell you: Sex in the saddle and other unmentionables

Don’t be such a girl:: Joining the group ride

Virtual coach pushes rider to higher elevations or How Strava changed my riding life.

QSR Magazine | September 2012 | What to Know About Immigration

Lifestyle features. Women. Wellness. Family.


W | April 2011 | Kathy Anderson, Redding’s Professional Giver

W | August 2011 | Monique Gaido: A Reluctantly True Champion

W | July 2011 | Dawn Hess: On Performance and Perspective

Enjoy magazine | April 2012 | Happy Trails business profile: Learning the ropes with Norcal Trail Rides.


Dating Dilemma: Preparing boys for their first date * Redding Record Searchlight | October 23, 2011

Parents like to think they treat each of their children the same. But there are differences in how child-rearing strategies are applied between sons and daughters. This is especially true when it comes to dating.

Blending Bedrooms: Bummer or Blessing | Brio | November 2001

You knew you’d have to make adjustments. Some tips to smooth the transition.

Captured by a Moment * At Home Mother/Volume 2, Number 2 | 1999

Essay: Capture the moment I made the choice to remain at home with my children.

Music Makes the Mind * Shasta Parent (Now North State Parent) | 2002

How music affects our children’s neural circuitry.

Learning by Choice *- W | September 2010

Homeschool, public or charter school? With so many choices, how does a family choose? This piece looks at benefits to each.


Facebook Friendships – W | August 2011 *

How does e-communication change our friendship rules? Should we be offended when a friend sets Facebook “boundaries?” This piece gives tips for setting goals and boundaries for contemporary e-friendships.

Inconvenient Truths – W *

We have all had them. Tidbits dropped in our laps for which we were unequipped to respond. Or process. Or believe. They come when we least expect them. In a fit of anger. Casually over coffee. Maybe in a heart to heart. It doesn’t much matter how we get them. What matters is what we do with them. 

Fabulous Friendships – W | July 2010 *

Why is it that some women seem to have all the friends while others struggle to find just one? Kathleen Patton, a licensed marriage and family therapist, suggests a number of influences might affect a woman’s ability to connect including her temperament, her personal socialization process or her life experiences.


Bring New Life to Lunch – W *

Bored with your brown bag. Give your lunch new life.

The Joys of Running with Friends – W

When Winter Makes Us Sad – W *

Is there such a thing as Manopause? – W *

We’ve heard of Man-colds. Now there’s Man-opause. Really, it’s true. Discover how women can help their men through what might be a surprising and disturbing era of their lives.


Lifelong Friends Create Legacy of Giving | Record Searchlight | August 20, 2012

Teaching Abroad | Record Searchlight | March 12, 2012

When our daughter, Cory Schmeck, contemplated her career options last spring, she saw little hope. With a brand new college degree but no savings, living in Los Angeles and pursuing art-related work seemed implausible.

Enjoy Magazine Mar 2012

Part Predator – Enjoy Magazine/March 12

When Doug Cunningham found this statue in Thailand, built from recycled motorcycle parts, he knew he had to share it with his home town.

Enjoy magazine Well-Written Redding writing






Well Written – January 2012 | Enjoy Magazine

Where has all the cursive gone? Does it matter? In honor of National Handwriting Day, this piece looks at the art and science of good old fashioned cursive.

Mr. Squatrito | Record Searchlight | Carson Schmeck






Attention Magnet: Popular high school substitute teacher makes science fun | Redding Record Searchlight, April 24, 2012


Guest Blog Posts

How much glory should coaches get for their athletes success? | JBM Thinks | August 6, 2012

5 Things I learned from my first year of freelancing | Wordcount | June 26, 2012

Clueless or Criminal: When Sex Means Jail – Blogging Bout Boys *story also featured on The Boys Initiative‘s Weekly roundup.

The great copywriting and SEO debate | Optimize Worldwide | June 2012

Making 30 seconds count:: 5 killer elevator pitches | Shasta Cascade Leads | June 2012

Blogging Bistro logo

Why Every Author Needs Facebook Ads – Blogging Bistro

Facebook Ads: Why They Make Sense as Part of Your Marketing Campaign – Blogging Bistro

Facebook Ads: Three Reasons to Use Them – Blogging Bistro

Facebook Ad Tutorial: How to Link Your Ad to a Web Page or Facebook Page – Blogging Bistro

In Whom Do We Trust? – Christian Personal Finance


Entrepreneur magazine logo

Winning in a Losing Town – Entrepreneur.com

Your friends smile politely when you tell them where you want to start a business. Your family thinks you’re nuts. But you know you’ve got what it takes–and you’re right.

You’ve Got (Direct) Mail – Entrepreneur Business Start-Ups

 There is so much more to direct mail than picking a mailing date and sending a catchy letter.

Ringmasters – Entrepreneur Business Start-Ups

Setting up an effective call center requires careful planning and management. Three steps to success.

Bizziwriter.com – Small business marketing and copywriting blog

Taming of the Forms – Secrets & Strategies of Office Professionals

Big Opportunities/Wendy Gerig – Discover Roseville, a division of the Sacramento Bee/Neighbors

Beauty Biz profile – W

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