The Haiku Revolution from one who waxes non-poetic

Of all the Blogathon 2012 theme days, this was my least anticipated. Haiku Day. Poetry. Ick.

Why would my readers be interested in a poem? How could a 5-7-5 pattern communicate anything other than a self-indulgent stand-in for nothing else to say?

I’ve surprised myself. I wrote three haikus. And, they are on topic. Let me know which one is your favorite.

Brush paper with ink.

Form a word. Wrestle a phrase.

Your essence on a page.


Chefs cook. Mouths awater.

Gardeners nurture. Flowers bloom.

Writers write. Readers change.


Wordiness says less

than brilliant simple phrases.

Few words. Focused thought.


What do you think? This neophyte poet seeks approval. Happy Haiku Day!

8 thoughts on “The Haiku Revolution from one who waxes non-poetic

  1. Susie Klein says:

    I love the first one, it is perfect and says o much! I had never tried haiku before either but it could be fun to keep trying!

  2. Carrie Schmeck says:

    Thanks you all! The first one is the last one I wrote. Goes to show that multiple drafts are a writer's friend.

    • Michele Flynn says:

      Like them. As I pondered each one I think i like the last one best, but each has it's own appeal I had forgotten about that style of poetry. Thanks for reintroducing it to me.

      • CarrieSchmeck says:

        Thanks Michele. That was my first favorite, too. I guess poetry is to me as art is to you. Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Always fun to know there is more in there somewhere.

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