What can a 6 year old teach us about content marketing?

The cutest child just hit me up to buy Ducky Derby tickets. She skipped along in front of her mom in a little red gingham checked sundress. Her freckles and blond I-don’t-really-care-what-my-hair-looks-like ponytail may have given me a clue that she wasn’t a professional salesperson.

Despite her pixie smile, I rejected her pitch. So did the lady walking behind me. (The child had resorted to the standard, “Wanna buy a Ducky Derby ticket?”)  At least I had a reason (I’ve already bought tickets from a Boy Scout.). She just said no.

As I walked away I heard the wisest words of my day, “Maybe if we put on a show they’ll buy some.”

Bingo! I wanted to turn and tell her Yes! You get it!

See, we can’t just ask our customers to buy our stuff because we think it’s great. We’ve got to give them something to convince them it is. It’s called “content marketing.” Maybe her “show” wouldn’t have a direct correlation to her product, but it would be of value. She’d have an audience eating out of her hand. How could they not then repay in kind by buying her product?

What’s your show?

So what can you offer as a show? Is it informative content on your blog? Maybe a helpful video that solves a pressing problem. It could be a sneak peak at industry innovations. What do you have that your customers want? What can you give them before you ask them to pull out their wallets (or POs)?

This six year old was on to something. I hope she takes her theory to town and wins the top prize in her school’s fund raising drive.

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