How George Lucas faces rejection

Writers and authors get rejected more often than they get accepted. It’s like wrestling. I tell my son, “Son, there will be far more losers than winners in every tournament.”  I’m not saying that rejection makes us losers, just that it’s part of our game and we need to not only get used to it, but learn from it as well. 

Sometimes we start to believe if only we were (fill in the blank with a big, famous name), we would have it made–always. Not so.

Last night I watched Oprah interview George Lucas where they discussed, among other things, his new film “Red Tails.” Did you know that every major studio turned down rights to the movie? They didn’t think there would be an audience for it. Where have we writers heard that before? Where have entrepreneurs heard this?

But this is George Lucas, the guy who gave us American Graffiti and Star Wars. He has a pretty good track record. Even he faces creative rejection. Even now.

So what did George do? He financed the film himself.

What can we learn?

I’ll admit that few of us have $100 million to throw down when our project is rejected, but we writers can pursue avenues other than traditional publishing houses and national magazines. Entrepreneurs can seek alternative financing.

George said (essentially), Don’t listen to anyone if you believe in your project.

So there we go. Even George has to push through. Even George must find alternative avenues for his work.

Have you given up believing in a project?

What can you do to push forth today?


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