Why You’ll Hear More from Me in May

If you’ve owned a business for long, you know there is never an end to promotion. The ways to promote yourself are endless. And you must never stop trying new things to keep your coffers primed.

I’m trying a new thing.

I’ve decided to participate in the 2012 WordCount Blogathon.

The Blogathon is a challenge for bloggers to blog for the 31 days of May. We bind together, write like mad, lean on each other and learn. In the process, we build our audiences, attract new readers, make friends and hone our respective skills.

As a copywriter, it makes sense for me to do this. I advocate for blogs. I believe they are essential to convey your personality and expertise to prospects. Blogs are your platform. In them you get to answer FAQs, release new product information, educate and give opinions, if you like.

The point of the Bizziwriter blog is to 1) educate do-it-yourself copywriters and 2) display my own mad copywriting skills and make myself irresistible should you decide you’d rather hire a copywriter. To that end, I hope to make this month worth your while.

Stay tuned for How-to Tuesdays and Word Wednesdays where I’ll share vital instruction and define common terms you’ll want to know. Over the weekends we’ll have The Best and The Rest, round-ups highlighting some of the best of the Blogathon and blogosphere. In between, we’ll have some fun, meet some guests and learn together.

Though I am a writer by trade, this is a personal challenge. As writers, we spend much of our time marketing, thinking, napping and plotting. Often the last thing we do is write. This might surprise you. Writing is hard work. You know that. It’s hard work for writers, too. That’s why there is a value on what we do.

May I not grow feint.

See you tomorrow!

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