Why Web Designers Need Writers (and likewise)

After yet another web designer tells me, “No, we don’t really have a call for writing,” I shake my head. One could call my thoughts sour grapes–I rant because I didn’t get the work–but that’s not it. I’m worried for these designers’ clients.

What’s a website without words?

My high school girlfriends had a guy-code for early dating prospects. It wasn’t uncommon to hear, He was really cute. But then he started talking.”

The same could be said for some websites. Cool website. But it didn’t say anything. Websites aren’t knick-knacks. They aren’t meant to sit on a shelf and live for an occasional dusting. These days websites are an essential piece of a business’s online presence. They need to offer the whole package. They need to look good and deliver.

It seems to me that a designer/writer partnership is an obvious one. Package us together and we have a powerful product to present. We’ll reach both the visually stimulated and the linear logical crowd. We’ll brand a company or product with both words and images. One without the other just doesn’t make sense but I fear many designers err in thinking that a great design, a basic home page and a little About Me bio are all that’s needed to take a company live. Sure, your Aunt Cathy can write for you but are you delivering your best? Are you ensuring repeat business and referrals?

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3 thoughts on “Why Web Designers Need Writers (and likewise)

  1. Anne Wayman says:

    Working with designers is a great idea and it can be tricky. I’ve found I have to listen extra carefully to understand what they’re trying to do with the design so I can make the words really fit.

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