There’s a Party on Our Business Blog. Are YOU Going?

Is the party for we or you?

This is a guest post by Sara Lancaster. Below her post, you’ll find her bio and link for a free downloadable version of her latest book: 103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content.

A friend used to say to me, “Everyone is going to the party. Will we see you there?”

For some reason that “we” statement positively irked me. I felt left out of some kind of club. The same thing happens when I land on a business’ blog that uses the word “we” too often. I don’t want to be the last one to know about the party.

The Other Golden Rule in Business Blogging

Golden Rule #1: Treat other bloggers as you want to be treated.

Golden Rule #2: Use the word “you” more than the word “we.”

To grab the attention and keep the attention of readers (and potential customers) talk directly to them in the first person. That means you have to minimize references to your company name and the words “we” and “me.” Talk more about the readers’ problems, the solutions to those problems, and be specific as to why the reader should even care.

Maybe you’ve heard people say, “talk about the benefits, not the features.” That’s exactly what I’m talking about here, but in blogging there’s a twist. Instead of selling a product or service, you are selling an idea.

Some We-We Is Unavoidable

At some point, you’re going to have to talk about yourself. The reason? A little transparency goes a long way on a business blog.

You and the other people behind your company help to make up your brand, and your brand is what sets you apart. Your readers are more likely to comment and return if they feel connected to you personally.

Everybody wants to be invited to the party. Create a fun atmosphere on your blog and make sure everyone can join in. Frequent use of the word YOU is the first step.

sara_lancaster_coloradoSara Lancaster is the website content writer behind No. 2 Pen, a Denver web-marketing agency. She recently published 103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content, which is a free download available on

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